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It was when I was a 8th grader who went to Tigrett and just got adopted by my new family. I was just getting used to things about the rules and how to act. My dad is an urban and outreach minster at our church so we go to church numerous times, and each week more people would congratulate me. For the special moment, a man named Jason Rudd let me go to a NBA basketball game and I was very excited. Ever since I left, my family they have always been a Memphis grizzly fan so i had to become one and I liked it. They were old school grit and grind as they say.

I got to and  go in the back way where the players go and got to tour the locker room. I also got to shoot around with the Memphis Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley it was awesome he was my hero. I also got to eat  at a fancy restaurant with Mr. Rudd and his family. After that i got to get all of the players autograph on the basketball. so after that the game started they were playing the clippers their arch rival so the game begun it was back and fourth it was so physical Mark Gasol and Deondra Jordan were going at each other it was awesome. so it was 2 minutes left Memphis down by four Mike Conley gets a steal and pushes it up the floor and he went up for the layup and made it he was pushed so hard by Chris Paul. Mike made the shot. so 56 seconds left Clippers have ball  they shot and missed with 24 seconds left so they passed it in waited until 15 second Mark sets a screen for Mike Mark rolls and mike passes it and with 2 seconds left Mark makes it and wins the game. it was awesome this is a time i will never forget.

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