The Stangs to Chatt

Bryan Ramirez and Kaitlyn Starks

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On Friday the 31st of March, the Madison boys’ soccer team will be competing at a tournament in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Mustangs will be playing against East Hamilton High School and Chattanooga Christian High School. This will be a great experience for the Mustangs as they will be playing against higher level teams which could prepare them for another trip to the Boro.

Both Chattanooga Christian and East Hamilton play at a Division 2 level while the Mustangs play in class A-AA. The division of a school is based off of population size in the school, not by the team’s abilities. Senior and striker Ashkan Neshagaran feels confident about how he thinks the team will perform in Chattanooga. He said, “We’re gonna eat in East TN. We have good players on the pitch and a deep squad off of it as well to help us achieve our goal, which is going to state; it will also be a bonding time for our team to grow as one.”


The last time the Mustangs took a trip like this, they went to Gatlinburg, Tennessee to the Smokey Mountains Tournament. They played Nashville FC High School, Greenville High School, and Arlington High School. Each game the Mustangs lost by 1 goal, so going to Chattanooga gives them the ambition to win and make a statement ahead of further opponents. Three-times starter Maddox Mcknight said, “We want to go out there and show the talent that West Tennessee has.”

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The Stangs to Chatt