The One of a Kind

Jarvis Martin, Keyon Mobley

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Russell Westbrook is an NBA superstar who goes out everyday and works hard. In an interview featured in the New York Times, Russell Westbrook said, “My goal is to just win and do it in anyway.”

Russell Westbrook plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder and leads his team in every stat in points, assists, steals, and rebounds. He is the MVP candidate in the NBA. “Russell Westbrook is a monster and he never gets tired,” said his former teammate Kevin Durant. Russell is averaging a triple double for the season, and there are 82 games in a regular season, so if you are not familiar with a triple double, it is the accumulation of double digit number total in three of five statistical categories—points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocked shots—in a game. That is incredible because out of all the years the NBA has existed only one player has averaged a triple double for multiple games. he is a monster in 9 games after the all star break he has a triple double in all 9 and he still going for more. he is trying to break the record for triple doubles in a season which is 40 and he is at 39 as of last night performance where he had 57 points, 13 rebounds, and 11 assists which is the most points in a triple double.

Russell Westbrook is one of a kind nobody in history has had the energy and  athleticism  he has every night on the court. Russell Westbrook has worked hard to get where he is, in his senior year of high school  he wasn’t even recruited before and assistant at UCLA said sign him because he saw a monster inside who will help UCLA win. he played 3 years and increase each stat every year and was the number 4 pick in the draft that year and went off he average 16 points 6 assists and 8 rebounds his rookie season and was #2 in rookie of the year candidate that year. This one of a kind has got better every season and will never quit until he reaches his goal to the best that will ever live.

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The One of a Kind