March Madness

Jarvis Martin and Keyon Mobley

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Its March and everyone knows what time it is March Madness. this event is so big around the world that they have their own challenges to see who can guess who will win each game. Joe Lumbardi is the analyst who picks which seed you are in and it determines who you are going to play in the tournament. March Madness brings excitement to the game and a lot of luckiness to pick who will win it all. so on ESPN they do a bracket challenge to see who can make the best bracket and if it’s perfect you win 1 million dollars. so this event is very competitive and everyone who chooses has to choose wisely. March Madness starts March 14 and everyone will be filling out a bracket. you can do it with your friends or a church group this time is so exciting because you don’t know what will happen. even though a team might be the favorite it never means they’re going to win it all. it’s a lot of heart act and buzzers’s beaters. this is the time for small teams like Winthrop to make a name for themselves or UCLA bringing back their winning ways. March Madness is always a interesting time because nobody’s who’s going to win and that is exciting. you will be surprised how many people get upset and how the underdog come back and wins it all. example form 2016 Villanova was a 12 seed in the bracket and beat the number 1 seed Kansas and the other number 1 seed North Carolina so you dont know what to expect. March Madness is a time to take risk and hope each  team you choose benefits you so remember March Madness is something to see so do a bracket and hope you win.

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March Madness