Flying United

Shelby Larson

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In the recent weeks, United Airlines has been under fire for a plethora of different issues. The most publicized event was when an Asian man was reportedly dragged off a flight against his will and was injured by the crew members. A video surfaced of the fiasco, which shows the bloody face of the victim after he is abruptly pulled from his seat. The man’s lawyer claims he suffered a concussion and lost two teeth during the incident. The man was a doctor who needed to return to Louisville to visit patients the following day. After United asked for volunteers to get off the plane to make room for United’s staff, the airline picked people at random to get on a different flight.

Prior to that incident, United sparked another outrage over barring girls from wearing leggings on a flight due to a company dress code violation. United claims that because the girls were United pass riders, they were inclined to follow the dress code which prohibits “form-fitting” spandex pants.

This past week, a contender for the title of the world’s largest bunny suddenly died on a United Airlines flight from London to Chicago. The owner of the bunny says the bunny was “fit as a fiddle” three hours before the flight and there is no reason the bunny should have died.

This controversy has caused many people to reconsider using this airline to travel. Kajal Govin says, “I would not fly United because of these incidences.” Jatavious Dotson feels very strongly about these events and now dislikes United Airlines. “Most likely I would not fly United because of these occurrences. I feel like these things could have been avoided. I also find it very disrespectful to jerk a passenger off the flight. Because of that, I don’t think I will fly United.”

United Airlines has lost the respect of many customers because of these unfortunate events. However, the company itself will most likely not suffer as much financially as many wish they would. Morality and prices will cause opinions to sway about the airline but the company will remain unaffected until greater measures are taken to reduce their profits.

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Flying United