Man Stays the Night in a New Orleans Preschool

Jamal Robertson

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The New Orleans Police Force is investigating a very odd occurrence currently. A recent investigation at Clara’s Little Lamb Preschool Academy has been created based on video footage of a man entering the preschool. He entered the preschool through an unhooked window. Though most would think this could be the beginning of a dangerous tale, this is actually a very harmless story, in relation to the children of the preschool. The man moved through many rooms, eventually finding the food and drinks in the staff break room. After helping himself to what he could find, he then moved on to finding other supplies to help him through what would be a very tranquil night. Gathering stuffed toys and a child’s mat, he sat down and made himself at home by creating a makeshift bed. After completing his meal and covering his body with a blanket, the man went to sleep for the night.

After some hours, the man awoke from his slumber and left the building. This happened at 6:43 am, before anyone could make it to the preschool and confront him. While leaving, he made sure to take two bags of things that he acquired during his stay. Also he had some toilet paper in his possession that he did not arrive with. The staff of the preschool did not know of the event until seeing the remains of the man’s adventure. Soon after, the tapes were pulled from the camera to reveal the man doing his nightly business. After the events that took place, the school has agreed to install roll-down shutters.

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Man Stays the Night in a New Orleans Preschool