I Do!…Not Think So!

Brianna Brown

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Cakes! Dresses! Rings! Vows! “I Do!” Weddings are the happiest moments in life. Who doesn’t enjoy the fact that you can spend the rest of your life with your lover? Most people enjoy being a part of weddings and are all on board but stress when bridezilla comes out. Things begin to go far from happy and loving to scary and stressful. In other cases, the bride and the groom enjoy being the cheap ones and getting help from others to bring wedding costs down.

A guest, who wishes to remain anonymous, shares her feelings about her close friend’s three day wedding extravaganza. She said, “Each day had a theme to it which meant three different outfits. Her friend did not have a huge budget. The bride hired a big house and did not bother to get any catering or bar staff, so the guests pitched in to purchase food.” With all these expenses covered by friends and family, the bride spent $50.07 in American currency. That’s not all that was required. There was a 6 hour drive to the venue where the different ceremonies were held, which meant more gas and money spent by wedding guests.

Most times, at a wedding, there are drinks, such as punch, water, wine, etc. The bride requested that all the guest bring their own drinks and wine, which was $62.52 out of the guest’s pocket. “Then, and this is the bit which made me rather cross,” said the anonymous guest. “There was a room set aside at the house for me and my husband.” She went on to mention that the price of the room was $187.57 per night which meant they spent $562.71. There was no breakfast and the guests had to buy their own food.

You may wonder why the bride and groom did not pay for anything. The reason is because the couple said that they were on a “very restricted budget.” Every bride and groom traditionally provides a list of gifts or have registries at various retail stores for guests to choose what they want to buy them for a wedding gift. The guests were still expected to buy an gift after paying for additional wedding expenses. “I’m quite generous, but we opted for a cheaper item as it was costing us so much to attend,” said the guest. The basic cost of the whole wedding was over $875.27. While all the guest emptied their pockets, the bride and groom pitched in $0. The guest mentioned that no one was really upset. “I was happy to help cook and clean up. But seriously, I just don’t think it’s okay to be this self- indulgent,” said the guest. “Three days of celebrating their union and charging everyone else for the privilege.”

We at least know that the bride received a free blessing. You know what comes after the wedding? The honeymoon! I wonder what may happen there.

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I Do!…Not Think So!