Teens and Drinking on Prom Night: Why is this important?

Chloe Johnson

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Many students here at Madison Academic attended prom at the University of Memphis Lambuth Campus’s ball room this past Saturday evening. All the girls spent hours getting their hair, makeup, and nails done and picking out the perfect dress in order to dress to impress. But, many of the people at prom only look forward to the after party, which is very common after prom, but is drinking worth putting your life at risk?

Learn-About-Alcoholism’s website says that parents who sit down and talk to their teen about alcohol use will be less likely to drink than the teen parents who do not talk to their teen about drinking and teens are more likely to wreck under the influence than adults. Their website also says that teens cannot just be given the facts and number because giving them the numbers “doesn’t do the trick.”

On Learn-About-Alcoholism’s website says, “Teenage drinking kills eight teens per day and 40% of alcohol related fatal car crashes involve teens.” This means almost half of fatal car crashes involve teens that are under the influence of alcohol or even drugs. Many of the students do not look at the consequences of drinking and all they think about is having fun after prom. But, all of this can be prevented by organizing fun and safe activities after prom such as the following: bowling, a movie night, or even just going out to eat with a group of people at everyone’s favorite restaurant. Any activity after prom should be fun, safe, and alcohol free. Teens can have fun and not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As Learn-About-Alcoholism’s website says, “Alcohol statistics have to turn into more than just numbers. They have to turn into action.”


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Teens and Drinking on Prom Night: Why is this important?