Where the Wild Things Are

Brianna Brown

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A little girl is discovered living with monkeys.

We all have enjoyed the heart-warming movies and shows such as Tarzan, The  Wild Thornberries, George of the Jungle, and any other movie that involved humans having a close bond with animals. The fact that these movies are fiction and we are told that it is not possible to live with wild life without becoming food has proven to be wrong. A little Indian girl has had her real life experience of what it is like to be Tarzan.

In India, in the month of January, a unknown little girl about 10-12 years old was discovered living with monkeys. She was naked, weak, and unable to speak. She was quickly rushed to the hospital in Bahraich, India.

“Some woodcutters saw her roaming with monkeys,” said policeman, Dinesh Tripathi, who alerted the other police. The officer said that the other policemen saw that the girl was naked and “very comfortable” in the company of the monkeys, but when they tried to rescue her, the monkeys chased them away.

The policeman knew that getting the girl to come with them was going to be a challenge. Not long after failing, a cop in Katarniya Ghat Forest Range rescued her. “When he called the girl, the monkeys attacked him but he was able to rescue the girl,”said Tripathi. “He sped away with her in his police car while the monkeys gave chase.”

“She behaved like an animal, running on her arms and legs and eating food off the floor with her mouth,” said D.K. Singh, Chief medical superintendent of the government- run hospital.

The Indian police are reviewing reports of missing children to try to identify the little girl. After some treatments were made, the girl was able to walk normally and eat with her hands. “She is still not able to speak, but she understands whatever you tell her and even smiles,” said Singh.

It is still a mystery to everyone on how she got there in the jungle and where her parents are. Until she is identified, Singh says she will be sent to a juvenile home to be cared for.

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Where the Wild Things Are