Prom 2017: A Night Under the Stars

Jatavious Dotson

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With prom only being less than a week away, many seniors and maybe some underclassmen have already been making plans to have their nails, hair, and makeup done before the big day.With that being said I can understand the excitement of making appointments because prom is one of the most mesmerizing events of a teen’s high school journey.

Senior Haleigh Smith said that it’s the last “ hurrah” before graduation. Senior Jacob Mabile said, “The dress, the tux, the hair, the limo, the friends, the date, the photos, and the party are what makes prom exciting.” Many other students also mentioned that prom is a once in a lifetime event and that it’s so important that people are willing to spend over hundreds of dollars on their tuxes, dresses, makeup, and cars.

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Prom 2017: A Night Under the Stars