New TV Show Takes Over the Nation

Meredith Armour and Valeria Galvan

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Recently a new TV show was released onto Netflix. 13 Reasons Why is based on the novel written by Jay Asher. This show stole the nation’s hearts but not because it was lovely to watch, but it was dark and forced people to understand the reality of others. The story line is about a troubled teens motivations for committing suicide, opening after the fatal event, with all appearances by deceased Hannah in the reflections of a boy who harbored a secret crush on her. Messages about treating people with respect and not taking others for granted are prominent, but the fact that Hannah blames others for her suicide is problematic and may send the wrong messages to some sensitive teens. The series doesn’t shy away from mature issues, as Hannah’s suicide is shown in great detail, as is more than one graphic rape scene involving a teenager. There’s teen drinking, and lots of swearing. While this challenging story could help parents start conversations with teens about issues like bullying, isolation, and depression, the way the series addresses these issues is complex and may be confusing for impressionable viewers.

The positive aspect of this new TV show is it has changed the way teens and adults view their surroundings. Here is an excerpt from writer Angelica Marasigan about how the show changed her life:

“It was close to my heart because I’ve done things to hurt myself. It sounds cowardly and weak, but I actually almost hurt myself. Back in high school, I had one of the most depressing times of my life. You know when you’re still a teenager and something happened that it really broke your heart, it feels like it’s going to hurt forever. That’s what it felt like. And I almost did something so stupid to myself just because I was in so much pain.

Now that 13 Reasons Why is made into a series, it changed my life even more. It brought the story to life. Reading a book and watching a show are two different things and it gives you different feelings. When you read a book, you imagine the scenarios in your head from the book. But when you watch, you don’t have to imagine because they made the imagining done for you, they brought it to life. And watching 13 Reasons Why is really something that I couldn’t really describe.”

In conclusion, yes some parents might find this TV show inappropriate for their children to watch, but it shows the tough reality for so many teenagers. Don’t underestimate the underlying message because so many people have experienced the things Hannah Baker went through.

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New TV Show Takes Over the Nation