An Artistic License

Lizzie LaFont, Editor, Journalist

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Since she was little, Tori Vintzel has always enjoyed drawing and knew that she had artistic talent. The positive feedback from those around her encouraged Tori to keep going.

Her mom is her biggest supporter. Being an art major herself, she encourages Tori’s pursuit of art and buys her the necessary supplies to continue, like paints and colored pencils. Another big influence on Tori’s life was her very first art teacher, Mrs. Elise. “She definitely helped build my foundation in art by teaching me the fundamentals and telling us that you can’t make mistakes in because it’s your piece of art,” said Tori. “It definitely got us in touch with the creative way of thinking.”

Tori’s favorite thing about being an artist is the freedom of self-expression.  She likes having the “artistic license” to create whatever she wants. She believes that your art is a piece of you and loves that it can unify people or cultures. She said, “A visual image is such a powerful way to get a message across.”

Being a senior at Madison Academic and with a passion for art, Tori plans to major in visual communications and minor in business in college. Her dream job would be to make album covers and posters or illustrate books. “I think I will be content doing anything in the art world,” she said.

Tori is currently working on a small notebook series of mini collages to challenge herself by finding more original subject matter and mixing different media together. “It’s really fun and relaxing because there is no wrong way to go about it.” Despite others’ questions and negative comments, Tori just wants to spend her life doing what she loves to do, regardless of the money or anything else.

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An Artistic License