Billboard Contests and Contemplations

Lizzie LaFont, Editor

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Last week, Mrs. Hays’ Art IV class won first place in the Jackson Madison County Anti-Drug Coalition Billboard Contest for the sixth year in a row for Madison Academic. The Art IV class has only six students—Kajal Govin, Jenna Henley, Anna Brown, Eli Bunting, Tori Vintzel, and Lizzie LaFont.

Senior Eli Bunting shared a little about the contest. He explained that the Jackson Madison County Anti-Drug Coalition Billboard Contest is an annual competition between the high schools of the district to depict the dangers of drinking after social events, like prom and graduation, and aims to deter students from participating in these activities.

“We came up with our subject and tagline after a long discussion between myself, the other 5 students, our student teacher, and our teacher Mrs. Hays,” Eli said. “We brainstormed ideas in class and eventually landed on a hospital backdrop.” After that began the “interesting” process of getting the perfect picture.

The students changed into their prom and graduation attire and used Union’s mock hospital facility as their setting. Over 130 various shots were taken. The class eventually narrowed it down to six favorites, then three, and with the opinions of other faculty members, they finally picked the winner. Eli enjoyed the process of the contest mainly because of his classmates and their “strong work ethic.”

Some might have cowered completely at the pressure of a 5 year winning streak, but Mrs. Hays and her students did their best and came out on top. “I won’t say I wasn’t a little nervous, but I think that I was more concerned with enjoying the time I spent working on it with my friends,” Eli said. “Having a new teacher was interesting though because this is her first year doing the contest as well as the students, so we all went into this at least a little blind.”

The students’ reactions to the win were that of excitement and pride. Another member of the class, Kajal Govin said, “It was pretty cool. It’s a lot of emotion. I’m glad that we won because we’ve won almost every year.” “It feels great to keep the streak going. It seems to me to be a good way to cap off our years spent in art,” Eli said.

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Billboard Contests and Contemplations