Madison Sweeps the Competition

Lizzie LaFont, Editor, Journalist

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Yesterday March 2 was the annual Choral Festival at the Lambuth Chapel, and once again, Madison swept the board, being the only school to receive sweepstakes for all of their choirs. Natalie Coffman, senior and president of the First Class choir, shared her thoughts on such an amazing honor. “I was impressed, but honestly I’m not shocked because we’re blessed with such talented and passionate students and such an amazing director.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Choral Festival, Natalie described it for us. Choral Festival is where school choirs get to show off their “true music-reading and performing abilities,” Natalie said. They prepare two or three songs for each choir. Madison has four choirs: Men’s, Women’s, First Class, and Chamber. They perform their songs for the judges, do a little sight reading, and get scored on many different aspects such as pitch, tone, and musicality. The scoring goes 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and 1+. 5 being extremely poor singing, and 1+ being best of the best. Sweepstakes is when they receive all 1’s or higher. However, Madison received straight 1+’s for all four choirs. She says, “It’s not necessarily a competition, but we do get scores, and we strive to be the best we can be,” which is exactly what they did.

Natalie has been in chorus since her freshman year, so this was her fourth and final Choral Festival. She was taught and conducted by Mrs. Redding her first two years, and Mrs. Patterson her last 2 years. She says, “Mrs. Patterson has done an amazing job filling in the shoes of such an incredible conductor.” When asked how it feels to have gotten sweepstakes all four years of high school, she happily responded, “It feels so satisfying and rewarding. Also, may I add how amazing it feels for the clinicians of First Class and Chamber to both say they have nothing to fix about our songs. It makes me feel glad to think ‘that’s how good we are.'”

Now that Madison students have shared their talents at Choral Festival, they are excited to start preparing for their Spring Concert on May 4th.

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Madison Sweeps the Competition