ConGRADulations: Class of 2017

Hannah Collins, Writer

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The Madison Academic Magnet High School will soon be graduating about 118 seniors from the class of twenty seventeen. The seniors here at Madison have not all made a decision on where they want to attend college but the ones who have are attending many different places. These colleges range from Jackson-State, University of Tennessee Martin, University of Tennessee Knoxville, and even Lafayette College in Pennsylvania. Although all these colleges have been declared, some seniors may say, “I still do not know where I am going or what I am going to do.” On April 3rd, 2017, we had a few alumni come and speak to the senior class about upcoming life choices.

When the mentoring bell rang, all seniors made their way into the lecture room for a Q and A with a panel of 6 Madison graduates. These students all attended college after graduating, but something noticeable about them was there many different college choices. The colleges they attended or are currently attending are Union University, Jackson-State, Austin Peay, and even Yale. After the alumni were asked to introduce themselves, Ms. Lochridge asked, “What is something you would tell the seniors about choosing a college for them?” A common answer from all six panel members was just what all the seniors wanted to hear: “Even though it may seem like you should have it figured out the process changes the entire time you’re in college, but you still have time to find where you fit in as a student. It just takes many different college tours.”

With financial stability being a huge part in choosing a college, Ryan Courtner class of 2008, who works at Foundation Bank, explained to that about all college students have a debt of 40,000 or more. He explained thoroughly about money and a college budget. Ryan told the seniors even if they didn’t have the money there were many different aids around like scholarships, loans, and FASFA.

This visit from the alumni really assisted some seniors and made them more relaxed knowing that even after high school graduation life does not have to be figured out step by step.

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ConGRADulations: Class of 2017