Prom from a Boy’s Perspective

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While most people think of prom as a bigger event for girls, boys are also ecstatic for Saturday night despite the cost and hassle that the night brings.

Most of the senior boys at Madison have nothing on their to-do lists for prom Saturday, except for Bryan Ramirez who has still not gotten his tux or a haircut. Seniors Bryan Ramirez, Jeremy Pittman, and Jatavious Dotson agree that tuxes are the most difficult aspect of preparing for prom. Jatavious said, “Finding a tux was expensive and difficult because you have to find the shade that matches the dress your date’s wearing.” Jeremy has also struggled to match the colors  as well and can’t even find a pocket square in the shade of peach in his date’s dress. Bryan says that he isn’t going to match his date because it would be hard to on such short notice.

Because prom is a once in a lifetime event, it often comes with a hefty price tag. For some, parents are financing the night; others are left to foot the bill themselves. Jatavious was responsible for paying for prom himself and used his entire paycheck to cover the expenses. He said, “Because I am paying for it, it does effect how much money I put into what I bought.” Jeremy also had to cover the costs of prom, but he said that money wasn’t a big factor and that his tux was “cheaper than I thought it was going to be.”

Even with the expenses and stress that comes with prom, all of the three boys are excited for Saturday night. Jeremy said, “I feel like it’s going to be a fun night where the seniors get rewarded for their four years here.” Jatavious is eager to attend his first and only prom of his high school career and “can’t wait to see how everyone looks” on prom night.  Bryan is excited for prom, but he’s also excited for after-prom festivities that will follow.

While the boys agree that girls are likely more excited than they are, they are still ready to have a good time and enjoy the night with their class. With prom being one of the first big events for seniors, many are beginning to realize that they don’t have  much time left as high schoolers. Seniors are wrapping up their time at Madison Academic, and prom is the beginning of the end.

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Prom from a Boy’s Perspective