School Bus Hits Student’s Truck

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School Bus Hits Student’s Truck

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Senior Kaleb Hutcherson was in for a big surprise on Tuesday morning. A school bus hit his parked car shortly after school began.

Kaleb received a text from junior Kevin Moore, who witnessed the accident firsthand. Kevin said that “the back end (of the bus) swung out and hit the back of the truck.” He stated that the bus driver looked “confused” and that “she didnt know what happened.” It was “pretty loud” when the bus made contact with the truck, and Kevin’s first thought was,  “Kaleb’s going to be pissed.”

That he was. Kaleb was rightfully upset about the accident and is anxious for his truck to be fixed.

Officer Young filed a police report on the incident and took statements from the involved parties. He believes that all drivers driving in the school parking lot should slow down and be aware of their surroundings. He’s personally worried that a student will be hit or clipped by a moving vehicle due to the irresponsible nature of high school students, both driving and walking across the parking lot.

School bus drivers are not immune to accidents; they’re still human. However, bus drivers and students alike should pay closer attention to ensure the safety of the Madison students.

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School Bus Hits Student’s Truck