Strong Storms take a toll on Madison…

Hannah Collins and Chloe Johnson

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The usual morning commute to school was interrupted by some passing storms throughout the night. On March 1, 2017, the Jackson-Madison County School System was put on a 45-minute delay due to struggling routes to school. As students were arriving, we noticed a huge change to the front yard of the school.

One of our sources who wishes to remain anonymous said, “We are just very lucky it did not fall the other direction and hurt someone. We would have loved to get a new building but not in this way. As we all know our building needs some improvements but a tree coming through the front is not the way to do that.” As a school it is nothing new coming in and finding puddles throughout the hallway, but in some places the ceiling tiles were starting to bulge due to water build-up.

Some of the students here at Madison not only saw this while arriving to school but also in their own neighborhoods. Gabby, a senior at Madison, said,”I walked out of my house to head to school and there was a huge tree limb lying across the roof of my car. It did minor damage, but I still managed to get to school on time.” There were also several students who still did not arrive until about 8:30 due to fallen trees and flooded roads in their neighborhood causing them to find an alternative route to school, or some even being trapped in their coves.


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Strong Storms take a toll on Madison…