Parking Lot Disaster

Hannah Collins and Chloe Johnson

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Arriving to school at 7:15 and leaving at 2:15 is the everyday norm for students at Madison Academic. In recent school days, we have encountered many problems getting in and out of the student parking lot. Some of these problems include parents in the student parking lot both mornings and afternoons, and even now with the new dismissal schedule the buses are blocking the exit of the student parking lot at 2:15. This is a new issue because bus riders were dismissed at 2:05, but in recent days, now the bus riders, student drivers, and car-riders are all dismissed at 2:15. The only solution to this is to find an alternative traffic route for car-riders and bus riders.

After a few interviews, we received a couple different opinions on the situation. Jenna Henley a current student driver says, “I feel like there are way to many students trying to get in and out of the student parking lot. In the morning there have been a lot of parents who sit in the student parking lot until 7:00 and then letting there child out. If you want to sit in the car until then you should go and park at the Oman so the drivers will have there parking spots. Some of us have jobs and little sibling to go pick up. Maybe we should just use the Oman Arena like we have in the past for all parents and bus-riders if everyone has to be dismissed at 2:15, or we could go back to the schedule last year and dismiss bus riders at 2:10 and drivers at 2:15.” There is also another source who would like to remain anonymous. Our anonymous source who is a bus rider says, “Well only going through this for a couple of days now I feel very unsafe trying to make my way to the bus the same time everyone else is trying to leave as well. We should find a reasonable time to dismiss that’s not too early or too late. I feel it would still be a little safer if the buses picked up at Oman just because parents are a little more cautious than students.”

From our interviews and first-hand experience, we should start enforcing parents to use the Oman Arena, and we should also try to get buses to move to Oman. This would not be a sudden change but with a little work we could make it easier for bus riders, student drivers, and car-riders to get to school and home with ease. So maybe we can make it happen in the last few months of school.


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Parking Lot Disaster