Early Morning Meetings – Necessary?

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Early Morning Meetings – Necessary?

Kajal Govin, Shelby Larson, and Trace Love

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Already waking up early for school is hard enough for most students, but for some selected students they have to be awake and at school at an even earlier time.

Students who are participating in the National Honor Society or Beta Club have to attend regular meetings starting at 6:45 am. Many students believe this time should be changed to an after school time slot or even make the meetings during school, at a certain time. Madison Academic counselor Mrs. Lisa Carson said, “Since we are only allowed 2 clubs per academic school year, there isn’t room for any of the National afilliated clubs that come with scholarships. With having the national clubs at 6:45 a.m., it allows for more than just 2 club meetings a semester, thus providing more opportunities to students that want the national club credit and their personal interest club. The reason we don’t have the meetings after school is because the meetings will clash with extracurricular activities, and with some students riding the bus, it would cut them out of the opportunity to be part of these national clubs.” Madison Academis senior Lizzie LaFont is a part of both organizations and said, “I don’t mind getting up early, but sometimes it’s annoying when we have to get up and then don’t say anything new because some of the meetings we just talk about the same thing said from the previous meeting.” She prefers the morning as apposed to during or after school.

Another Madison Academic senior, who is involved in both organizations, said, “I think that it’s kind of unnecessary that we have to go to school earlier than we already have to when we could just have our meetings during school or even after.”

To make this change, students need to bring this issue to the clubs’ attention and possibly vote on the matter. Changes could be in effect as early as next school year due to circulating information on possible mentoring changes. If those changes are enacted, Mrs. Carson believes that holding the meeting during a new mentoring time slot would be beneficial.



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Early Morning Meetings – Necessary?