Going the Distance

Rachel Woeltje, Editor

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As the weeks left for the seniors at Madison Academic Magnet High School have greatly decreased, the excitement to graduate has increased. After graduation, many seniors will be dispersing across the country to college in different states. One of the seniors that will be traveling south to a different state for college is Trace Love. I first met Trace when he transferred to Madison as a sophomore from Northside. Ever since I met him, I knew he would excel well at this school. This week I had the fascinating opportunity to speak with him about his reflection upon high school and what his plans for his future are. He told me in a thrilled voice that he will be attending Ole Miss in the fall. Even though he will definitely enjoy being away from home and his newfound freedom, he will focus on his plan to major in biology.

When Trace is not working on homework, he can usually be found hanging out with his friends. He has developed a numerous amount of friendships during his high school years due to his amiable personality. He enjoys watching Friends in his free time as well. His favorite movie is The Theory of Everything which he explained was a movie he could watch anytime. Besides these hobbies, Trace has a great passion for soccer. During his freshman year at Northside, he was a player for their soccer team. As we talked about what he had participated and enjoyed doing during his four years of high school, he said the opportunity he cherished the most was getting to know his fellow classmates. He also stated that he would probably miss high school due to him not always being able to see his friends. However, he did seem excited for Ole Miss and to create new friendships. Wherever Trace goes in his future, we all know he will prosper well!


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Going the Distance