First Months of 2017

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First Months of 2017

Rachel Woeltje, Editor

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Madison Academic has hosted numerous events throughout the first months of 2017. This year marks a time for new activities and student gatherings. As the time grows closer for the seniors to graduate and for the underclassmen to move up a level, many memorable things have occurred on campus.

The seniors that have participated on the basketball team and cheer-leading squad will be recognized tonight at the basketball game. Haley Groom and Austin Fuller has the substantial honor of being recognized tonight for playing basketball for all four years of their high school education. The senior cheerleaders, Sydney Adams, Kyia Cathey, Kristen Hutcherson, and Haley Ray will also be acknowledged for their rigorous achievements. This will mark the end of the season and will be a time to reminisce past years with others.

Schools nationwide focus on athletics and sports, but Madison also hosts a school pageant yearly. On February 4th, young women from each grade performed in the pageant in competition for the crown. Each of the girls were adorned with dazzling jewelry and dresses that accented them well. The winner, Clarissa Miller, was clothed in a powder-blue fitted dress with jewels covering it. When the moment came that they announced her name as winner, the joy that spread onto her face proved her worthy of the crown.

A variety of other honors has happened on campus including Jacob Dietrich’s signing with Bethel University. He has played soccer for four consecutive years, and his hard work has allowed him a full-tuition paid experience at Bethel. Jacob is also involved with the Wolves soccer team, and in each team, he has performed successfully. Other honors include the Honor Band proceeding to All-West, and Sarah-Kate Ryan winning the Jackson Exchange Club Ace award. The students at Madison produce and perform not only academically, but also musically and physically.

As the school year of 2016 comes to an end, Madison Academic is prepared to accept newcomers for the upcoming year. Last night, February 9, Madison hosted an open house to allow students to have insight on what Madison offers as a high school. There is much hope for the upcoming class and for the graduating seniors for their future!

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First Months of 2017